A non-trite analysis of what it means to live in pursuit of meaning.

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It was my first big event, at the Prudential Center in New Jersey…

There was a lot of intensity — high energy, high strung, high stakes. A series of 19-hour days of nonstop action.

On the last day, I was searching around backstage for a spot to sit with my laptop. It was time to prep for load-out… and I also needed a bit of rest. I finally found a relatively quiet space in a back room with the marketing inventory. A big cardboard box in the corner, probably 30 inches tall, invited me to come sit…

My feet were…

(even if you don’t understand why)

Our life like a breath, then, a give
and a take, a bridge, a central movement,
between singing a separate self
and learning to be selfless.

— David Whyte (from A Seeming Stillness, in Essentials)

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You Don’t Need To Exactly Understand It For It To Be Serving You, For It To Teach You Something

We can design much growth in life.

We can set ourselves up for expansion by identifying a desired forward path, by strategizing effectively, and by challenging our existing limits.

But there’s an equal counterpart to this kind of managed progress…

Managing well your own forward movement in life is important.

But it can’t be the complete picture of growth or of a life well-lived. It’s…

Finding a more sophisticated philosophy of happiness (because you’re not a kid anymore).

Video by cottonbro from Pexels

I came across the above gif recently…

It’s a simple statement meant to capture a basic idea.

But I’m not a particular fan of simplified statements standing on their own, so let’s unpack this…

Should love hurt?

It depends on what you mean by hurt.

This brings us to the next question…

What is pain?

Pain is the experience of suffering or distress, which points to someplace of vulnerability.

Pain serves as a signal that something may be off — that you have a vulnerability that is (or maybe) under threat. …

Finding peace and stability by creating more space for the Wild Unknown in your day-to-day.

Whenever life sends us events we didn’t predict, our society throws its hands up and calls it “random.” Oftentimes, however, we just weren’t as smart as we thought we were. We weren’t looking at the elements we needed to be looking at or perceiving them as they should be perceived.

Bright Center Star Cluster (Photo from NASA)

We’re comfortable with the things that make sense — the causalities we see and the patterns we can articulate.

We’re comfortable with whatever frameworks we’ve built up that have seemed to work until now. We’re comfortable with the well-defined frameworks of understanding we were taught in school. …

How to keep your sanity, remain stable, and keep doing good when others aren’t seeing the real you.

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The stressed-out parent working their ass off, doing their best to create a good home, though it mostly goes unacknowledged…

The ambitious twenty-something who feels like they have something to prove about what they can do in the world…

The undervalued quiet worker bee giving everything to keep things running…

Even the awkward conversation where you didn’t come across exactly as you hoped you would…

No one likes to be misunderstood.

But the misunderstanding is inevitable.

In whatever way that’s yours, you can’t make every single factor about yourself known completely to every single person — we just don’t have…

I started out the door for a typical run.

l hadn’t gone 20 feet before I found myself approaching a group of about 4 people moving toward me. They were walking straight across — like a human wall — blocking the entire (fairly wide) sidewalk. I watched to see who would nudge over to make space for me, but no one did…

Are you kidding? There’s plenty of space!

I ran into the street to go around them, grumbling internally about the inconvenience. And I noticed something…

I noticed that I really didn’t want to go on my run anymore…

3 steps to handle your competing inner voices…

Image by Darby Browning from Pixabay

There’s a daily battle I go through.

What am I going to do right now? What will I aim for with my time? Using only what’s in front of me, what will I convert that stuff into?

It’s a battle because there are always more good answers available than I can possibly actually do…

Different Seasons

There are times in life when we know our aim. We know what we’re shooting for, what we care about, what the general context is, and we therefore know what needs to be done.

But there are other times when things are more murky.

We have…

3 small actions to keep you sane when you find yourself caught between where you were and where you’re going.

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I feel… uncertain. Restless.

I see something about where I want to go, but I don’t see the whole picture. I don’t have all the pieces in place yet. I’m reaching for it; I’m looking to it; I want to begin moving towards it. But it’s still an idea only, fragmented.

Or —

I don’t yet know what’s next. I know what’s behind me. I know what used to be. But it is no longer, and now there must be something new.

The Space Between.

It’s like that moment in The Matrix when everything sort of freezes, moving in ultra-slow…

6 things that get in the way when we try to create change (and what to do about them).

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I used to think that New Year resolution-setting was the dumbest thing. It didn’t make sense to me.

It seemed like if you wanted to set an ambition for yourself, there was no reason to wait for a particular day on the calendar to do it. There’s nothing magical about January 1.

Now, I appreciate the ritual more than I used to.

It’s easy for life to be swept away with the day-in and day-out of endless small problems. …

Finding change that sticks.

Photo by Daniel Öberg on Unsplash

For many, January is a time of reflection, forward-looking, and the choice to create change.

It’s exciting.

Newness is fun…

But it’s also no secret that 23% of New Year’s resolutions don’t even make it to February, and 81% fail within the year.

Can we agree that fully implementing New is hard?

Whether you’re a resolution-setter or not, you will have times of transition: sometimes it’s an intentional choice, sometimes it’s an unexpected adaptation. Sometimes it’s as small as becoming someone who flosses every day; sometimes it’s as big as a fundamental growth of character.

Regardless, Transitions-Into-New are often more…

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